Basic Constructs and Elements

  • <h1> This is an exception because there is only ever one <h1> tag on a page. The main heading contains a link (<a>) to the website homepage and the name of the website as it's text. It is easy to select this element (we recommend using #header h1 in your CSS incase the FCK Editor output contains an <h1>). You could use an image replacement technique to put the company logo at the top of the page.
  • .logged-in-as A simple <p> element containing some text and a link to indicate who the logged in user is. The link is around the username and points to the '/my-account.html' page.


Body Sections

  • <h2> The page/category/product title.
  • .msg A generic feedback container. It will either be a <p> or <div> and will have an additional class name to identify the nature of the feedback message.
  • .body This is a class wrapper for all content submitted via FCK Editor. use it to scope your styling.
  • .document A link to the attached document for a category or page or product.
  • .media The media player container included on pages with a playlist attached.