Optimizing Search Engine Results for a Page

Step 1: First log into the Manage/Editing section of your website. 

Step 2: Next go to the Content tab and click on 'Pages' as shown below.


Step 3: Find the page you wish to enhance, and click on 'Attributes'.


Step 4: You can edit the following fields:

Page Title: this is the most important element of the page, as it is what the search engines 'read' first. It should describe the contents of the page in no more than 60 characters.

Menu Title: this has no bearing on search engine optimization, it just allows you to have a shorter version of your page title that will show in your site navigation.

Page URL: this is also important for SEO, and should include the keywords that describe the content of the page, for example this page has 'seo page' in the URL. Remember not to leave any spaces in between words; either run them together (seopage) or separate them with dashes (seo_page or seo-page).

Meta Description: this does not help your search engine ranking but it is important all the same. It's the sentence that appears underneath your website in search engine results pages. If yours is engaging and relevant, it could lead to more people clicking on your website over a competitor's.

Meta Keywords: these are very rarely used by search engines any more, but it's always worth adding in a few keywords just in case. They should be relevant to the content of the page, and separated by commas.


Click 'Save Changes' and you're all set!