How to add Additional Ordering Information to Product Detail View

Providing the answers to Frequently Asked Questions is a great way to make a customer feel confident about buying from you. In this guide we'll show you how to add this information to your product detail view page, and organize it using tabs, for a great user experience.

For this example we're going to organize our FAQs into three sections which will end up looking like this on the page:

FAQs in Tabbed Format

Here's how you do it.

1. From your Site Manager, go to Content > Pages, and click the Product Detail (System Page).

Then click on Edit Layout & Contents.

FAQs on Product Detail View

2. Add in a Text / HTML module from the drop down list at the top left.

FAQs on Product Detail View

3. This will be the first of our three tabs.

In Contents, write in whatever you want to explain regarding the Order Process.

FAQs on Product Detail View

Then, switch to the Options tab, and complete the 'Tab Title' field. This will identify the contents for you and your customers.

FAQs on Product page

Click Save, and now repeat the exercise, from adding a Text / HTML module, completing the contents, and giving it a tab title:

FAQs on Product Detail View

When you have as many sections of content as you want, you're ready to organize them into the Tab layout.

4. From the Module menu select Tabs.

Creating Tabbed Content

Now you'll see the Text / HTML modules on the right of the window, with red + icons next to them.

Organizing content into tabs

Click on the + icon to move it to the 'Included' section.

Organizing content using tabs

Don't worry about the Options tab here, just click Save.

You don't need to move the Tabs module at this point, you can just click on Publish. Now go ahead and visit a product detail page on your website, and it should look something like this:

Tabbed view of Frequently Asked Questions

This is a great way of organizing detailed information into easy-to-digest sections, and helps to building buyer confidence.