AFD Post Code Lookup

This feature allows you to put a 'Look up' button next to every postal code box on your site. It requires you to have purchased AFD Software product - available direct from AFD - (external link)

To set it up, go into Site Admin and find 'AFD Postal Codes' on the Integration menu. Enter the details provided when you purchased the product.

Once entered, a 'Look up' button will appear next to every postal code box on your site. At present only UK addresses are supported.

The 'Look Up' button will take the postal code you have entered and try to find a matching address. If one is found it will fill in all the address boxes, overwriting the previous contents. If you entered a house number in address line 1, it will keep that.

Once a lookup has been made successfully, the cursor will be placed at the start of the first address line so the house number or name can be entered.