Anchors are a useful way of allowing your customers to jump straight to relevant content on a page - for example, you could have a series of FAQs, and have each link to the relevant answer lower down the page. Here's how:

Step 1: First write both the questions and the answers in a Text / HTML block, similarly to the below example: 


Anchors 1





















Step 2: Place your cursor next to the text you want to link to, in this case the answer to the 'What kind of artwork can I send?' question, and click on the Insert / Edit Anchor icon.


Anchors 1



















Step 3: You'll be prompted to name this anchor. Each anchor needs to be unique.


Anchors 3













Step 4: When you've created your anchor, you'll see a little gold anchor icon - that's NOT visible on the website, only in this editing portion.


Anchors 4

















Step 5: Next, highlight the text that you want to have link to the answer, and click on Insert / Edit Link.


Anchors 5















Step 6: From the Link Type drop down, choose 'Link to anchor in the text', and then select which anchor you want to link to.


Anchors 6



















Step 7: Once you click OK, the text will turn blue and be underlined, like a traditional link.


Anchors 7












Step 8: Click 'Save' and 'Publish' and you'll be able to review the results on your page.

See to see how the links behave.