Creating Templates

  1. Logging into the On-line Designer Admin
  2. Creating Category
  3. Designing and Saving Templates



  1. Creating Product Attributes
    1. Create Attribute Group – Custom design templates
    2. Create Product Attribute – Template ID



  1. Adding Product
    1. New Product: Details, Colours and Sizes, Customization, Pricing,


  1. Add Product Attribute to Product



  1. Displaying Products
    1. Editing Page
    2. Adding Product List Module
    3. Choosing Products to display
    4. Linking Page/category to Navigation Tool bar

























  • Log into the Online Designer
  • Enter email and Password





  • Once you sign into the Artwork tool Administration you will be able to see your company information by selecting Networks, Administrators from the navigation toolbar, at the top of the screen.











How to Create Template Categories: 


  • Click on Templates, located on the navigation toolbar at the top of the page.





  • Click Add Category button located at the top right of the page.
  • Fill out the Category Name, Select parent category if applicable, check the box enabled and check the box Shared in Group if you want this to be a template that is shared.
  • Click Save Data button, located at the bottom right of the screen.




  • The new category will be added to the list of categories




How to Add a Template to a Category:


  • Click on the Category Title to open the category
  • Select Add Template to design and add a new template to your category.
  • You also have the option to Rename Category or Delete Category that the Template is associated with.





  • Fill in Template Name
  • Choose Category that template will be added to.
  • Choose Canvas for Template
  • Select Use











  • Design Template (Refer to the Template Guide for using the online designer)




  • Click Save Data – This will save the template






  • Template ID - Once the template has been created and saved, you will want to copy the template ID down because when adding the product to your website you will need the template ID.





  • Login to the Management section of your Website
  • Enter email
  • Enter password




  • From the Products dropdown, located on the navigation toolbar at the top of the screen, select Attributes Groups.





  • Click on the New Attribute button; locate at the top right of the page.




Fill out the fields listed below.

  • Title
  • Screen Title
  • Choose parent attribute group, if attribute is a sub attribute of another attribute group. Use arrow to open up the dropdown.
  • Enter a numeric value in the Order field
  • Check Mandatory if the attribute group is mandatory for all new products.
  • Check Active to turn on the attribute group. (Please note, the Active box should be checked).
  • Click Save to save your newly added attribute group.





Once you have created the attribute group. You will need to create the attribute for the template ID.





Fill out the fields listed below:

  • Attribute Title
  • Order
  • Base price if custom •   Check Active
  • Click Save, located at the bottom right.





You have successfully added a product attribute






















Add Product with a Custom Template to Your Website:


  • From the Products dropdown, located on the navigation toolbar at the top of the screen, select New Product.





Fill out the required fields on all the tabs.


Details Tab.






Colours and Sizes


















  • Fill out quantity breaks and pricing information.





  • Click Add Product Attribute
  • Select Attribute Group
  • Select Product Attribute
  • Click Select







  • Enter the template ID in the attribute field.





  • Finish filling out the information on the product tabs including adding an image of the product that you want to display on the site.




  • Browse file
  • Choose file (jpeg, gif, png)
  • Click Upload
  • Check Publish Product to Website
  • Click Check/Save Product




You have successfully added a new product with a custom design template ID.





Products can be displayed several different ways. You can add a product to a category of products or you can add a product to a specific page.


Adding product to a specific page.


Below it will show how to edit a page and choose products that you want to display on that specific page.


Throughout this guide we have been working with Lawn Signs, so I will add the new product to the lawn signs page.


You will need to be in the Management section of your website to choose products that you want to display.


First you will need the product reference number. Follow the steps below:


  • Select Find Product from the Products dropdown located on the navigation toolbar.



















  • Check the box My Products
  • Click Search
  • Click Details from within the product window





  • You will find the product number at the top right of the product details page














Editing Page Contents


  • Select Pages from the Content dropdown




  • Find the page, you can enter the page name in the search box located at the top left of the screen.
  • Click Contents





  • Select Product List Module from the module dropdown at the top left of the page
  • Click Insert Module



  • Once your select the module, it will open up to edit mode.
  • Choose My Selection from the Product dropdown.
  • Enter the product reference number
  • Click Insert
  • Fill in a Title (this is optional)
  • Choose how many products you want to show at one time.
  • Select how you want the products to be displayed.



  • Once you have made your selection, the products will be listed below.
  • Click Save to save your changes.



  • Your changes will be saved
  • Select Publish to make any changes to the page live for customers to see.





Linking Page to Overall Layout


Once you have added the product to the specific page, you will need to make sure the page is linked to your website.


This is done on the overall layout section.


  • From the Management Section
  • Select Overall Layout from the Appearance dropdown.
  • Find the Bookmarks module titled Header Tabs Site.
  • Click the pencil icon, located at the left of the module, to edit.






  • From the Bookmarks dropdown, select Page
  • Next choose the page you want to link.
  • Click Insert
  • The Page will then appear in the list to the right.
  • To change the order in which it is listed, click on the page name and drag to where you want it.
  • Click Save




  • Click Publish to make your changes live.
  • Now if you click View Site you will see the page on the header toolbar. 










  • If you click on that page you will be able to see the product that you added.





Congratulations you have successfully created a custom sign template and displayed it on your website for customers to use to design their own custom sign.