The following guide tells you how to upload category images to your Store Enterpise Website.

You need to creat a CSV file containing the Category Code and Image.

The Image needs to be labelled on the spreadsheet in the same way as it is saved in a zip folder - so if your image is MUG.jpg enter this into the spreadsheet.

Images: Your file can contain columns which are filenames of images, and if you use such a column you will be asked to upload a ZIP file of images. The system will match using only the filename of the image (folder names and drives are ignored), and the filename is not case sensitive.

Once you have created this spreadsheet and zip file follow the below steps.


1. Log in to the Admin Section of your site by adding /admin/sitecontrol and entering your login details provided by Trade Only.

2. Go to the Settings dropdown, hover over Data and select Data Upload as shown below.

3. Next upload the CVS file you have created and select Categories from yyour dropdown and select next.

4. Match the Category Code and Image using the dropdown on the next screen hit next. You will then be asked to browse for your Zip file.

5. Browse for this and the Category images will be added/updated.