STORE Enterprise Credit Card Payment Setup

1.0 Overview

If you only wish to take account orders, inquiries or simply display products on your website, you do not need to have an account with a payment service provider (PSP).

In order to accept credit card payments you do need to have an account with a payment service provider. Due to credit card security requirements, this must be a direct relationship and cannot be bought through the software company. We have teamed up with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you a selection of providers who can meet your needs.

If you've been trading more than two years, or you already accept credit cards in your business, you may wish to apply for an ITA (Internet Trading Account) with a bank. The PSP's can provide an ITA for you, but you may not get the best rates if your online turnover is high. An ITA is separate from any regular (non-internet) merchant account you may have (e.g. Natwest Streamline).

2.0 Assumptions

-All information contained in this set up guide is correct at the time of writing. Ongoing changes made by the Payment Service Providers may not be reflected here. -This set up guide assumes you have purchased STORE Enterprise. -This set up guide is to assist you in setting up a Payment Service Provider. The software company do not provide technical support or advice on any of these services. The Payment Service Provider should be contacted if PSP related help is required beyond this set up guide.

3.0 Set-up

3.1 Choosing a Payment Provider

Each supported provider is listed below with fees. You are advised to create pessimistic and optimistic forecasts of your internet transactions, then use the pricing listed below to work out the cost of going with each provider. Finally, combine that with the listed features to work out which account you should choose.

3.1.1 NetBanx

First you need to choose whether you need a Direct or Bureau account:

Direct Account

This account is suited to larger turnovers - companies who have a separate Internet merchant account with their bank. Note that an Internet merchant account is separate from a normal card merchant account (e.g. Natwest's Streamline service): - $300 setup - $10/month minimum charge -No annual fees -No unauthorized transaction fees -Transaction charge of 1% (over $10K/month) -Transaction charge of 2% ($5-10K/month) -Transaction charge of 3% ($2-5K/month) -Transaction charge of 4% (under $2K/month)

Bureau Account

This account is suited to companies just starting out in card payments '“ NetBanx takes care of everything and you do not require a separate merchant account with a bank. - $300 setup - $10/month minimum charge -No annual fees -No unauthorized transaction fees -Transaction charge of 5% (over $10K/month) -Transaction charge of 6% ($5-10K/month) -Transaction charge of 7% ($2-5K/month) -Transaction charge of 8% (under $2K/month)

How to Apply

Download the form by answering the questions at: link) Fill in the form, using the following information: Section 5 'Set-Up & Charges': tick '˜supported ordering platforms', and write '˜Versatilia '“ QuickOrder' IMPORTANT: Write 'Broker: Versatilia' at the top of the form before faxing/posting it '“ this will ensure we can help you through the application process and provide a customized payment screen for you.^ When your account has been set up, you will receive a 'SOP Questionnaire' form from Netbanx. Do not fill this in until you have the shop looking the way you want it to and are almost ready to '˜go live'.

Settings in STORE

In the 'Site admin' screen, choose '˜order setup' and fill in the following: 'Netbanx URL' '“ this will be provided to you by Netbanx.

Going Live

Fill in the 'SOP Questionnaire', ensuring you tick the '˜Versatilia '“ QuickOrder' box, and fax+post it back to NetBanx. NetBanx will put your account into '˜test mode'. Once this happens you will get an email from NetBanx containing the 'url' and 'MD5 secret' for your site '“ these should be entered in the '˜Order Setup' page on the control panel. When you've performed tests, you first need to submit a new 'MD5 secret' '“ it's like a password so that your website can verify itself to NetBanx. Make one up and enter it into the '˜Order Setup' page, then submit the same along with your merchant no. to NetBanx at this page: link) Then you can request that your account goes live at this page: link)

Testing Instructions

Test card no's are only valid BEFORE the account goes live Test card no. for success: 4921 1234 1234 1230 Test card no. for failure: 4921 1234 1234 1234

3.1.2 WorldPay

First, choose an account 'Business Gateway' or 'Business Gateway Plus'

Business Gateway Account

This account is for companies with an existing Internet Trading Account

Business Gateway Plus Account

This account is suited to companies just starting out in card payments '“ WorldPay takes care of everything and you do not require a separate merchant account with a bank.

How to Apply

To read about the accounts and options on offer, visit link) Once signed up, you will be sent a bank account verification form which must be stamped and returned to WorldPay by your bank.

Settings in STORE

These settings are found in the ˜Site Admin > Payment Setup screen

WorldPay Mode: - This allows you switch between live and test modes at any time.
WorldPay Installation ID: - This is found when you are logged in to your Worldpay account under 'Installation Administration'
WorldPay Callback Password: - This is found when you are logged in to your Worldpay account under 'Installation Administration'. You create this password yourself.
WorldPay MD5: - This is found when you are logged in to your Worldpay account under 'Installation Administration'. You create this password yourself.

Settings in your WorldPay Account

Email: Payment Response URL: https://YOUR-url-HERE/callback.html(external link) Payment Response Enabled: ticked Payment Response/Callback Password: must match the one you set in '˜Site Admin' MD5 Secret for transactions: must match the one you set in '˜Site admin'

Testing Instructions

In the STORE settings, in '˜Order Setup', set '˜WorldPay Mode' to 'test success' or 'test failure'

Perform some transactions with real card numbers (the system will say in red writing 'This is a test transaction '“ no money will change hands' or similar) Once you are happy to go live, contact Worldpay and instruct them to turn your account 'Live'

Alternatively you can use test credit numbers found here: link)

3.1.3 SecPay

- $50 setup - $10-225 monthly depending on volume -8p-39p per transaction depending on volume -OR '“ 1-1.9% (minimum 10p) per transaction

Settings in STORE

With your SecPay mode set to 'test', use the following test card numbers for dummy transactions: Visa: 4444333322221111 Visa: 4111111111111111 Mastercard: 5555555555554444 Mastercard: 5105105105105100

3.1.4 PayPal

PayPal is the provider that most people know '“ they were bought by eBay several years ago and although they provide an '˜easy start' for people selling online, they don't provide much of the security and trustworthiness of other more established providers. Their customer services capability is quite limited when it comes to claims of false transactions, but many shops successfully use paypal and it might suit some smaller companies or individuals.

Settings in STORE Enterprise

Step 1: Create a page in your website Site Admin with the name 'callback.html' - Site Admin > Site Content > Pages - click 'add new' and choose 'callback.html' from the drop down of pre-configured page names.

Settings in PayPal account

Step 2: In your PayPal account, there are a number of settings you must enter. Note that these settings will stop you from using this PayPal account with other shopping cart systems.


  • click the Profile tab
  • under Selling Preferences, make the following changes:
  • under Instant Payment Notification Preferences - ensure enabled:
    • think of a new password - you will not need to remember this one, and it must be all letters and numbers, no spaces
    • click Edit
    • tick the box, then in the URL box enter: link) (replace '' with your site URL and replace PASSWORD with the password you just thought of)


  • under Website Payment Preferences:
    • click 'on' under Auto Return
    • under Auto Return, enter in the Return URL box: link) (replace '' with your site URL and replace PASSWORD with the password you just thought of)
    • click 'on' under Payment Data Transfer
    • click Save, and it will show you a 'token' (it says 'please use the following token' and gives a funny looking set of letters and numbers - highlight and copy that


  • go to your website admin, to Payment Setup
    • select PayPal as the provider and click Save Changes, if not already done
    • paste the token from above into the PayPal PDT Token box
    • enter your PayPal account email address into the PayPal Email Address box
    • in the PayPal Secret box, enter the PASSWORD you used in the PayPal account settings

3.1.5 Secure Trading


Settings in STORE Enterprise

You will need the following details: SecureTrading site login SecureTrading password In your website Payment Settings for Secure Trading, enter the following: Secure Trading Account Number: your account number - same as your customer login used above Merchant Email Address: this is the email address which can be used as the 'from' address for confirmations to customers Deferred Settlement Option: this allows you to take payment after a period of time - useful when selling non-stock items, so you can confirm the items are in stock before properly taking the payment. Callback Number: if you have multiple sites using this Secure Trading account, each site will need this to be set to a different number. If you only have one site, leave this set to '1' Form Set: if you have set up multiple HTML payment forms on your account, choose the appropriate one here - if you don't know anything about that, leave it as 'default'! Email Set: if you have set up multiple email sets on your account, choose the appropriate one here - if you don't know anything about that, leave it as 'default'!

Editing Files on your Secure Trading Account

Log in to the Secure Trading site using the 'client login' button at the top right and choose 'File Manager' In the 'Download All Merchant Files' box, enter your email address and click 'Email Merchant Files' wait for a zip file to arrive in your inbox, and unzip it into a convenient folder such as My Documents now you can edit these files and when you have one changed and ready to put back on Secure Trading, upload it using the 'choose file' button

Callback Number

Before completing this, make sure you have downloaded the files using the steps above the Callback Number setting is used to tell Secure Trading how to notify your website that a payment has been made if not set up correctly, users will not see the confirmation screen, won't receive an email from the site, and the order won't download into Promoserve Each website you use on this Secure Trading account needs its own Callback Number First, edit the form.html file using Wordpad, and look for some lines like this: Make sure that block includes all the following lines: Save that file. Now open the file callback.txt, also in Wordpad. Each Callback Number is in a block of 4 lines, like this: method1POST url1 fields1orderref, formattedamount, timestamp, streference, stauthcode, iduser, amount pipe1yes method2POST url2 fields2orderref, formattedamount, timestamp, streference, stauthcode, iduser, amount pipe2yes We need to add the following lines for your website (where XXX is your chosen Callback Number, and WEBSITE is your website URL): methodXXXPOST urlXXXhttp://WEBSITE/callback.html fieldsXXXseluser, selsite, selorder, seltpl, orderref, inputamount, timestamp, stauthcode, stresult,streference, stconfidence, securitymessage pipeXXXyes Please use a single press of the 'Tab' key to separate the headings and the data (eg. press TAB between 'methodXXX' and 'POST') Now you need to copy your updated callback.txt file over the callback-f.txt file (note: if you are using a non-PromoServe web system on your Secure Trading account, check with the system's suppliers that this is acceptable). Finally, you are ready to upload the 3 files you have changed - form.html, callback.txt and callback-f.txt - upload them using the steps above.

3.1.6 Authorize.Net


Settings in STORE Enterprise

Log into your account at Authorize.Net and follow these steps:


  • choose the 'Account' tab
  • choose 'Payment Form' then 'Form Fields'
  • un-tick any fields you don't need on the payment form - remember all this information will have been captured by STORE Enterprise, so there's no need to let the user change it at this stage. We recommend leaving just a few fields ticked under 'View', such as the name and email address
  • back on the main settings screen, choose 'MD5 Hash'
  • think of a password (ideally 10-15 characters long and using upper/lower case and numbers)
  • enter your chosen password in both boxes

Log into your website, into the 'Site Admin' area and follow these steps:


  • choose 'Site Setup' and 'Payment Setup'
  • choose 'Authorize.Net' in the drop-down selection and click 'Save Changes'
  • tick the 'Test Mode' box while you ensure it's all working - come back later and un-tick this!
  • fill in your 'API Login ID' and 'Transaction Key' which you will find on the setup email from Authorize.Net
  • in the 'MD5 Hash' boxes, enter the password you chose above

Try out a few transactions using the following card numbers, with any future expiry date:


  • American Express - 370000000000002
  • Discover - 6011000000000012
  • MasterCard - 5424000000000015
  • Visa - 4007000000027
  • Visa - 4222222222222 (this special number generates a 'failed' response)

Note that the amount will always be $27.00 when using test mode. This allows the special 'failed' card number above to work properly.

That's it! Try out a transaction, and once you are happy, don't forget to come back and un-tick the 'Test Mode' box.

3.1.7 Protx (SagePay)


Settings in STORE Enterprise

Test Card Numbers NB: You must have the 'Protx Mode' option set to 'Test Mode' in your payment setup to use these card numbers. No money will change hands whilst in test mode. In 'Live Mode', there are no test card numbers.
Card Type Protx Card Name Card Number
Visa VISA 4929000000006
Visa Delta DELTA 4462000000000003
Visa Electron UK Debit UKE 4917300000000008
Mastercard MC 5404000000000001
UK Maestro MAESTRO 5641820000000005
International Maestro MAESTRO 300000000000000004
Solo SOLO 6334900000000005
American Express AMEX 374200000000004
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) JCB 3569990000000009
Diners Club DC 36000000000008
You'll also need to supply an Expiry Date in the future and the following values for CV2, Billing Address Numbers and Billing Post Code Numbers. These are the only values which will return as Matched. Any other values will return a Not Matched. CV2: 123 Billing Address: 88 Billing PostCode: 412 You'll also need to enter the 3D Secure password as password (it's case sensitive) so that the 3D Secure authentication returns Fully Authenticated. Please note that the Protx test server is not integrated with any banks, therefore no monies will be transferred as a result of these tests.