Customer Focus Admin Changes (Oct 2015)

The main Customer Focus Admin area has been enhanced in 2 areas highlighted below
a) Designer API Key
b) Assigned Catalogues (Catalogs)

The 2 new fields are highlighted below

Every existing company or new company that signs up for our services by default will be assigned a ‘My Products’ catalog. This is mandatory and required so that they can create their OWN products:
a) My Products
b) Alt Products

US System setups will ALWAYS include at present:
My Products
USA PEP Import

UK System setups will ALWAYS at present on initial setup the assignment of
MY Products
UK PEP Import

The Designer API Key is required when a customer has purchased the Easy eComm website.
Generated within Artwork Tool / Designer Administration. Once entered against the Distributors admin record a new option is created within the Manage section of a distributors website.
This is demonstrated in Section 6 of this document, importantly, the API Key is the trigger / identifier as to whether someone has purchased / subscribed to Easy Ecomm and then changes the behavior of the current websites.