Creating Coupons in Channl

Step 1: First, login to Management area of your Channl website.

Step 2: From the Ecommerce dropdownlocated on the navigation toolbar at the top of the page, Select the Plus icon to the right of Coupons



Step 3: Complete the following fields: Enter Code, Coupon Name/Reference, Select the Date Range, Coupon Type, Price Adjustment and enter a Checkout Code. *Please note that because Shipping is rolled up in to the price, you are unable to create a shipping code.


Step 4: Choose minimum subtotal, and choose what category and/or product you want the coupon to be applied to.


Step 5: To select product, click add product, enter Product, title or product code and select product.


Step 6: Click Save


Step 7: Your Coupon will be added and shown under the Coupons area in the Management area of your website.  To edit click on the EDIT button located to the far right of the coupon.



Step 8: To view all coupons created. Select Coupons from the Ecommerce dropdown, located on the nagigation toolbar at the top of the page.


Congratulations...You have successfully created a coupon for customers to use when placing orders on your website.