Cookie Legislation (May 2012)

There have been some changes to the cookie legislation in the UK due to the European Directive upon which the legislation is based. We would like to inform you about these legislation requirements and how they relate to STORE & STORE Enterprise.

What does the legislation require?

The legislation requires consent to be gained from users for the storage of cookies on their devices, with the exception of those cookies that are essential for the running of the requested service. Clear, prominent and comprehensive information on cookie legislation should also be made public on a company’s website.

We have created this page to inform our users about cookie legislation and to detail our use of cookies and their relation to legislation requirements.

The user is given information in order to enable them to have a full understanding of the cookies that will be set on their device. The user will then use this information to knowingly indicate their acceptance. By giving this acceptance, the user is giving their consent.

Cookies that are strictly necessary for the service requested by the user are an exception to the cookie legislation rules. In short, the use of the cookie must be related to the service requested by the user for it to be allowed to be set consent free.

Authentication cookies, not tracking cookies, are used for STORE and STORE Enterprise and our other technology services. These cookies are necessarily set to fulfil the service requested by the user, meaning that consent is not needed in this instance. However, if you use third party software that uses tracking cookies e.g. Google Analytics, you must abide by the law. See the section below on how to turn on a 'Cookie Notification'.

Where can I access official information on the legislation changes?

The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 (PECR) came into force on the 26 May 2011 and the main aim of the legislation is to address issues of consent and privacy. The amending UK legislation is available online here -


  • Navigate to Site Admin > General Setup
  • Tick the option, 'Ask the user if they will accept cookies?'