How to Create Multiple Clipboards in Customer Focus

Step 1: From Products > Overview, click on the Clipboard button.

Next, click on New List, and you'll be provided with a field with which to label your Clipboard. If you want others in your company to be able to access the same Clipboard, check the 'Share' box, then Save.

Creating Multiple Product Clipboards #1

Step 2: You'll find that while you're browsing products, there's a link to add items to your new Clipboard.

Just click on this link and you'll see the (0) in your Clipboard button (top right) change to (1), (2), and so on. Note that you can change the default clipboard at any time by clicking on the Clipboard button and choosing from a drop down list.

Promotional Product Clipboards

Step 3: Now you can simply select all, or make a selection, to create a presentation, quote or order.

Items in your new Clipboard will stay there until you remove them, and you can create as many clipboards as you want, making this a really quick way to create groups of popular products.

Customer Focus Software Promotional Product Clipboards