Fully Crediting an Invoice


In CF Ultimate, there is a particular procedure you must follow in order to mark an invoice as fully paid. This is due to certain requirements being met at other stages of the process, such as locking the invoice to read-only. The following help sheet will map out the necessary steps you must take.



Assuming this is a query for an invoice that has already been created (if not, you can find how to create an invoice here), first open the invoice you wish to mark as paid by navigating to Projects > Overview > Project # > Invoices tab.

Locate the invoice you wish to mark and click ‘edit document’


Now in order to enable the option to mark the invoice as paid, we must print the document so that at least one copy is issued to the customer. Only then will the system allow you to mark it down in full. To do this, hover over the ‘Next ->’ button in the top-right of the page, and click the ‘print’ option.

This will generate a typical print preview page, showing the document in its A4 form, ready for you to distribute.



Once the document has been printed, return to the project overview screen and again, click on the project number the invoice you wish to progress is nested under. Once in, navigate back to the Invoices tab. You should find a new button on the right-hand side of the invoice in question labelled ‘Invoice Paid’. Click this, as shown:



If successful a dialogue box will appear on the screen notifying you of the change.