How to Refund a Credit Note within the System


The following help sheet will talk you through how to refund a credit note from within Vision. This assumes that the credit note you wish to refund has already been set up. You can find a separate help sheet on how to set up a credit note here.



To begin, log into Vision as you would normally



Once logged into the portal, locate the ‘Financials’ button on the top navigation bar. Hover over this button then ‘Receivables’ and select ‘Refund a Credit’



In the ‘Receivables Overview’ screen, your existing credit notes will be displayed. We need to highlight the one you wish to refund. With that in mind, it’s important NOT to click on the invoice or project number, as the ‘Refund Credit’ option is already visible so we don’t need to navigate to any other screens. Simply click on the white space inside the line that corresponds to the note you wish to refund. This will be highlighted blue to denote you have successfully highlighted it.



Once the required credit note is highlighted, click the ‘Refund Credit’ button on the bottom-left of the screen.

Following this your credit note has successfully been refunded.