Uploading CSV spreadsheets

QUICK INTRO: you can upload products, categories, customer account numbers, special prices, and knowledge base articles. The CSV file can have any column names and column order.

WARNING! The files take time to upload, even on a broadband connection. For example, if you have 5000 products to upload it could take 10 minutes to upload the file, 20 minutes to upload the images, and 10-15 minutes to update the database, so please be patient.

Once the file is uploaded, you will be asked to match up the columns in the file with the data fields from the website. Please make yourself familiar with the information below to ensure the upload works as expected.

Microsoft Excel: Sometimes Excel will alter data by itself - eg. it will turn 11/6 into Jun-11. If you are altering any of the data manually in Microsoft Excel, make sure it hasn't adjusted the data automatically - to do this, click on the grey box at the top of each column, choosing 'Format Cells', then 'Text', then 'OK'. You can drag the mouse to select multiple columns at once.

Images: Your file can contain columns which are filenames of images, and if you use such a column you will be asked to upload a ZIP file of images. The system will match using only the filename of the image (folder names and drives are ignored), and the filename is not case sensitive.

Units: For some fields (eg. Weight, Length, Price) you will be asked for the units (eg. kilos or pounds?, millimeters or inches?, Sterling or Euros?). If the data has come from PromoServe, then the units will be:

* Currency: your default system currency * Weight: lb (unless you have entered them differently) * Length/Width/Height: as entered - please ensure this is just a number, not '4ft 6in' or '23mm', the system does not currently understand things like that!

Adjustments: some fields are used to adjust prices, such as the quantity discounts on products. If you use these fields, you can select the type of adjustment that your CSV file contains. If it is Product Data from PromoServe, the quantity discounts will be 'Percentage Discount (100=100 percent)'.

Check Boxes: CSV fields can contain yes, no, 1, 0, y or n, in upper or lower case, and you can reverse the meaning when uploading if required. You will need to know what your CSV file contains, so that you can choose the right value. Try not to make assumptions!

Matching: Some fields are linked to other sections of the site - eg. if you are uploading products, you may have a column for the 'Category'). If you use one of these columns, you will be asked how it is matched - eg. does your CSV file of products use the 'name' or 'ID' of the category? If any of the matches cannot be found, then that line in the CSV file will be ignored, which will be shown in the summary report after uploading.

Classifications: Products can have up to 4 'Classifications'. These are mainly used for product variations and are displayed in a list on the product detail screen.


The upload routine can be found in Site Admin > Data Upload

1) Browse for the CSV you need to upload

2) From the drop down, select what type of data you are importing e.g. 'Products'

3) The following screen will ask you to set some settings for the import - pay close attention to this question: For records in this file which are not already in the system, what do you want to do?

4) Once you have defined the default settings at the top, you are then required to match the columns in your CSV to the database fields within your website e.g.

CSV Column Name = Product Code Website Column Name = Product ID

(the field names do not have to match exactly)

If you are unsure as to which column to match then please get in touch with technical support.

If you are importing for the first time, it is advised you only import ONE row. This can be easily deleted if necessary.

TIP: If you are importing PRODUCTS that have multiple price breaks, your FIRST price break quantity/price columns in your CSV should be matched to the 'Minimum Order Quantity' & 'Price' fields in the website. Your SECOND price break quantity/price should be matched to 'Break 1 Quantity' & 'Break 1 Discount'