Customising your Enquiry Form

Your website is shipped with a standard enquiry form that allows your customers to enter their personal details.

However there may be an instance where you require extra fields or need to capture more than the standard set of data e.g. the following screenshot shows the standard enquiry form with a custom 'drop down' at the bottom...


1) Enter the 'selectable' options

- Log in to the Site Manager and go to Codes > Marketing Tags

- Click the 'add new' link

- Enter each selectable item as a separate 'Marketing Tag'

  • Code = e.g. MT1
  • Name = Name for selectable item
  • Sort Order = Order in which the items appear - IMPORTANT - each item must be ordered sequentially
  • Type = How the extra options are displayed
  • Group Name = The name of e.g. drop down - IMPORTANT - each Marketing Tag must have EXACTLY the same group name

The following screen shot shows how the drop down above would be populated with options - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Full Colour...


2) Display the drop down and options on the form

- Site Content > Forms - click 'edit' next to your form

- From the 'Marketing Tags' list - select the tags that you wish to display and click the 'Save Changes' button...