Technologo Custom Flyer User Guide


Technologo Custom Flyer allows you to create professional and realistic personalized flyers to share with your customers, providing a highly engaging customers’ experience that utilizes their brands to drive product sales.

This help sheet aims to guide you through the setup process of custom flyer so you can start creating interactive flyers with ease!


Above is an overview of the custom flyer screen once configuration is complete. You can use this screen to test the setup, as an incorrect configuration will cause one or more of the ‘steps’ visible to not appear.

In order to make all steps appear as expected, the correct imprint areas need to be configured on the product from within Technologo. You will need to set up two groups of imprint areas. One for the customer logo, and one for the supplier logo.

For each of the imprint areas assigned on the flyer (there should be one area on each product, and another single imprint area to the side of the page, where you would wish to show your own logo), you will need to assign a group after the area is selected. The required option can be seen below:

Set each of the product imprint areas to group 1, and the area for your logo as group 2. You can use the currently selected drop-down to quickly switch between imprint areas.


Once the imprint areas are configured, you’ll need to access the dedicated page for the flyer by building the URL. If you’re unclear on how to construct these, you can find a help sheet on the subject here.


How to Use Custom Flyers

  1. Access the flyer via the url that we set up previously.
  2. Click the ‘Select logo’ button to pick out a logo, or drag & drop from your computer, for Step 1 and/or Step 2.
  3. Once uploaded the button name is changed from ‘Select Logo’ to ‘Change Logo’.
  4. Use ‘Remove white from logo edges’ or/and ‘Remove all white from logo’ options if necessary.
  5. You can remove a logo and upload a new one with the ‘Remove logo’ button.
  6. You can download or/and share your flyer at Step 3
  • ‘Download for Email’ button - downloads a lower resolution flyer
  • ‘Download for Print’ button - downloads the current high res file
  • ‘Share’ button - opens up options to share via Social Media. List of social networks for sharing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Mail. Note that full-size screen mode should be disabled for the pop-up for email sharing option.