Designer 2.1

User facing
 - New State manager (Undo Redo)
 - State manager for group of elements, text transform and letter spacing
 - New public API (every single action on Designer can be used via API call)
 - Ease adding of new localization for Designer via admin panel
 - 2 new languages added (Chinese, Spanish)
 - Minor UI enhancements
 - Tablet Compatibility improvements

 - UI re-markup and JS code optimization
 - React JS updated
 - All UI libraries updated
 - New popup module
 - New sortable module
 - New text transform module
 - New select module
 - New Images tab
 - New custom scroll

Some metrics of Designer that will be introduced in new version.

Previous version of Designer:
Images - 1Mb
css - 197Mb (10000 lines of code)
fonts - 1Mb
js (libraries) - 1.06Mb (88000 lines of code)
js (Editor) - 598Mb (24310 lines of code)

New version of Designer:

Images- 117Kb
css - 100Kb (5120 lines of code)
fonts - 400Kb
js (libraries) - 1.1Mb (91489 lines of code)
js (Editor) - 587Mb (23824 lines of code)