How to Download Default Enquiry as a CSV


On your company store you may have noticed a button in product details labelled ‘enquire now’. This is the default product enquiry form, and collects some basic information about the customer and their product of interest. It is possible to download responses to this form as a .csv for later use. This help sheet will run through how to perform this download.



To begin, head to the /manage portion of your site. Once logged in, head to Enquiries > Download Enquiries



Once on the downloads screen, you will be presented with a number of options for whichever batch of responses you wish to download.


Once you’ve made your choice, a download will start. This will be sotred in your default downloads folder for whichever browser you’re using, and will have the naming convention ‘Users-YYYYMMDDhhmm. For example, for a file downloaded on 24th March 2016 at 4:14PM, the filename would be as displayed:

This completes the enquiry response download.