Designer V2.1 February 2016 Release


Complete Public API calls for Designer + Documentation

As part of the new Designer release Full API Documentation is now also readily available for customers to work with. The details can be seen below    (Documentation)      (Front End Modules)

What does this mean? Customers can now incorporate all /select Designer modules into their website taking advantage of the different elements to enhance their current user experience. In the next month or so – we will have some example pages in place demonstrating the above. More to follow!!


Language Enhancements – US / Spanish / Russian / Chinese

Additional Language updates are included in this release. These include Spanish / Chinese & Russian. Importantly the Language toggle or selection area now resides in the bottom left of the Designer window as shown in the below 2 screen shots, collapsed and expanded.

Upload images is placed into a Canvas by double click

Here to improve usability a user can now add images to their canvas from the Images section by double clicking on the thumbnail displays. Previously you had to navigate to the ‘Place’ button. (See below)


Styling of the Place Button

Minor amend to the usability – the Place button has had a tidy, it previously displayed as all orange therefore you could not see the button label.


Connecting FB Accounts - Images (Full Image Library)

Here the previous version of the Designer, when attaching to your FaceBook feed would show

a) iOS Photos

b) Profile Pictures

c) Mobile Uploads

The new version has been enhancement to now also include ‘Photos of You’ therefore increasing the Facebook Image Libraries available to each user when connected.


Ability to share artworks via Instagram


Added and fixed within the new version – top right of the Designer (Social Sharing).


Fotolia Stock Image Library and Categories

Here the full Fotolia Library of images is now available – a user can scroll through the numerous pages available.