Downloading Orders from STORE ENTERPRISE to PromoServe

Successful order downloading requires several things to be in place. If an order cannot be added due to some general order information (not product-specific), then the order will not be added, and there will be an error in the log file. If an order is added but one of the lines on it cannot be added, the system will stop adding lines to that order and will leave it on hold, so you can easily identify partial orders.


If an order will not download at all, view the order in your Store Enterprise site admin area, and check:

  1. the delivery address is filled in
  2. the company name and last name are filled in
  3. If that doesn't solve the problem, request support from PromoServe.

If an order has been added but not all the products were added, and the order has been left on hold, follow this procedure:

  1. Look at the last line it successfully downloaded. Then look on the order email to see what the next product line was.
  2. Check that product in PS - make sure the product code exists and make sure all the tax codes in Store Enterprise are also in PS.
  3. If that's all OK, maybe it stopped while trying to add an additional cost on the previous product - have a look at the 'extras' section on the order email for the last product line successfully downloaded.
  4. Check all those additional costs exist.
  5. If all that seems OK, go back to the product that didn't download and try adding it to a new sales order - it could be a temporary issue with stock availability.
  6. In a big PS installation, many people are changing stock and product availability, so sometimes these issues will sort themselves out naturally.
  7. If you get to here, and the order STILL won't download successfully, then request support from PromoServe, and provide a copy of the relevant DownloadOrders log file, the Store Enterprise order reference and the site URL.