DataXchange Jobs and what they do

  • Full Product Update - this will upload new products to a website. It will also update existing products
  • Update Products - this will only update existing products
  • Download Orders - this will download orders placed on a website to Customer Focus Enterprise (back office system)
  • Update Orders - this will update the status of orders as the status changes in Customer Focus Enterprise - e.g. if an order has progressed to Invoiced or Despatched & Invoiced - the status will change on the website
  • Upload Customer Prices - if you have defined special prices per customer in Customer Focus Enterprise - this job will upload them to the website
  • Update Options - this will upload 'Virtual Categories' from Customer Focus Enterprise to the website - it will not update any product data, but simply just putting them in virtual categories
  • Update Additional Costs - this will upload any additional costs setup against products, to the website e.g. Origination, Print Costs etc
  • Download Forms - this will download any form information in the CRM/Job Management Centre e.g. a contact us form that somebody has filled out or a web enquiry - this information can be donwloaded as a new CRM/Job
  • Delete Product Checkpoint - will delete the checkpoint file created when uploading/updating products - you might use this is the upload fails or you wish to do a fresh upload