Customer Focus Enterprise - February 2016 Release

Enhancements made to Additional Cost Behaviour in Quotes


Here significant work has been carried out within Customer Focus Enterprise Quotations to align more with the way Standard / Ultimate works in regards too:

a) Adding additional colour or size options
b) Adding additional costs and amends.

For example, the system will now recognize to increase the Qty of Run Charges if additional product options are added.

The previous Quote behaviour has also been retained therefore users can now choose which technique they would like to use when composing their quotes.

In addition to the above, there is now a new Quote Document Output that displays the colour / size / additional cost combinations and also accommodates multiple product images based on the selections made.

Quote Document


Income Statement (P&L) / Balance Sheet Drill Down

The latest release also now includes further drill-down enhancements within the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet onscreen reports. Now a user has the ability to drill down into the actual document, for example Invoice detail above.