Exchange Rates & Currency

Setting the default currency

  • Navigate to Site Admin > General Settings
  • In the 'Base Currency' field enter the 3-letter ISO code for the default currency of the site. For card payment sites this should be the currency you want to take payments in, i.e.. GBP, EUR, USD
  • NOTE: The system rates are automatically updated daily between 02:00 and 06:00 GMT using mid-market rates from the European Central Bank, with the Euro as a reference point.
  • WARNING: the system will take up to 1 hour to start using any new or changed rates from this screen. This is because it speeds up the conversions by remembering the rates.

Setting a custom currency rate

  • Navigate to Site Admin > Exchange Rates
  • Click the link 'here' to add a new currency value. Populate the settings.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the Euro is used as the reference point, so when you enter a rate, it should be that currency's exchange rate with the Euro. If you wish to use a different currency as your reference, enter that currency with a rate of 1.0, and be sure to enter a fixed rate for all other currencies you plan to use, so that the system rates do not get used.

Switching between currencies

If you are using a 'FreeStyle' template, you can give your users the option of being able to switch between currencies by adding a menu of choices, i.e.


NOTE: Some CSS styling maybe needed by your web designer

  • Navigate to Site Content > Links
  • Add a new link and setup using the following settings