Step 1: Identify your Flickr user id. This is NOT your screen name.

The easiest way we've found to do this is to visit and copy the web address of your Flickr account into the field as shown below. This will provide an id similar to the example shown here.















Step 2: Open your STORE content management system, and click on 'Edit Layout & Contents' of the page you want to add the gallery to.


















Step 3: Choose 'Flickr Gallery' from the module drop down options at the top left.


















Step 4: In the Edit screen, add your User ID to the field as shown below.

You can also choose to only show photos with a particular tag, i.e. promotional products. Leave this field blank and the gallery will show all of your images. The Gallery Title will show as a caption on your photos.













Step 5: Save changes, and then drag and drop the module into your preferred location on the page. 




















Step 6: Click on 'Publish' at the top right of the page to make your gallery live on your website.