Step 1 – To gain access to the login screen shown below follow this link:




Step 2 – After log-in, you will be taken to your homescreen where you can access helpful webinars, tutorials, newsletters, and other useful information produced by Trade Only



Step 3 – Click 'Products'





Step 4 – Your Products Overview will display all of your current products, live on Gateway. Click 'Add Product' to create a new product.




Step 5 – Required tabs (Name, Code, Category, and Vendor) must be populated in order to move forward.


Step 6 The Colors & Sizes tab allows you to add color options to you product. Click "Add" color. You can add multiple color options and options for the type of wearable needed. When you have clicked "Add color" then Main Color "Select" you will get a list of colors to choose from.



 Step 7 The Customization tab allows you to add  printing methods, such as embroidery, screen print, and location of the method. Select your customization methods from the drop down.



 Step 8 The Pricing tab allows you to add pricing information to the product.



  Step 9 – The Images tab allows you to add a product image. Click browse and then find the image you want on your local computer and upload it. Click the button at the bottom right of the screen to save the product to your database.








The GATEWAY system allows you to check on live stats from all of our Trade Only customers.


Step 1 Click 'Reports'




'Summary' gives you a brief overview of ditributor traffic to your overall product line by Top Products, Top Visitors, Top Keywords and Top Searches. 




'Products' shows you a breakdown of product views by day,product clicks by day, and the aaction taken on any particular product after it has been viewed.


'Searches' will show you which distributors have searched your products.



'Traffic Sources' will give you a break down of traffic percentages, as well as where the views are originating.



'Visitors' will display your top visitors, as well as show you the view percentage per company.






'Custom Price Lists' allows you to set up Pricelists for your distributors/customers. You can view and setup pricelists for all or select distributors. You can also grant them EQP for example. As soon as you make a rule live this will automatically display in your customers VISION system.