How to add a category

Adding a category to your site will enable either a link or tab to be displayed on your website - this depends on the template you are using.

A category must exist for products to be displayed, and similarly a product must sit in a category.

For this example we will add a category to our navigation bar...


  • Login to the admin section of your website, i.e.


  • Navigate to the Products > Categories menu


  • Click the 'add new' link in the top left hand corner


  • Fill out the category details. Important fields to fill out here are...

- Title
- Category ID (IMPORTANT: This must match the ID given to your category in PromoServe)

If this is a 'sub category' make sure you select its 'Parent Category' from the drop down. e.g. if you entering a Metal Pens category, you might want this to appear underneath the main 'Pens' category.