Year End Routine

When carrying out a Year End Routine it is firstly advisable to log onto your PromoServe system as a SuperUser (if you have any problems doing this or need further advice as to the 'SuperUser' logon, please contact the Support Team on 0844 509 0030)

From your the main menu click on the 'General Ledger & Accounts' button. Then click on the 'Period Details / End' button.

In order to carry out the '˜Year End' routine the final month of the financial year (period 12) must firstly be closed - highlight the relevant month and click on the 'Close Period' button.


At this point ensure that ALL financial reports have been printed from the system. These Include:


  • Trial Balance
  • Profit +Loss
  • Balance Sheets
  • Vat Returns
  • Vat Details
  • Vat Summery

As once the 'Year End' routine has been carried out, the software (within nominal Reporting) will only let you report at the current financial year as opposed to the year you have closed

Click on the 'Year End' Button

You will then be prompted with a message 'Run Year End'

Click the '˜YES' Button

You will then have 3 budget types these allow you to have a budget with a increase in percentage

This Years Budget Plus:

If you have used budgets within your financial year as Forecast a percentage increase / decrease can then be entered. This will set the current financial year budgets. EG: Previous Financial Year Budget + / - % Set

This Years Turnover Plus:

Budget calculated for the New Financial Year as a % increase / decrease of the turnover from Last Years Financial Year EG: Previous Financial Year Turnover + / - % set


If Zero selected no Budget will be run



Click on the '˜Ok' button

You will then be prompted with another message to confirm the 'Year End' as shown below. Click on the 'Yes' button to confirm. The software will then automatically carry out all the Year End journals: