Logo Management for Web Stores


If your website is Brand-on-Demand enabled, you are able to upload a number of logos to your site to attach to web pages or products. You can access the logo manager from within General Settings on your website’s management portal. This help sheet will run through the main features of this logo manager


To begin, head to <your-website-url>/manage.


From there, head to the settings tab and select general settings


From within ‘Website Attributes’, you will notice a section called ‘Default Logo’. From here, you have a number of options, which are outlined below.



Uploading Logos


To begin managing logos, first we need some uploaded logos to manage! To start the process, click the ‘Upload’ button. This will bring up the Logo Manager window.

Click on the ‘choose file’ button to bring up a file browser. Navigate to the logo you wish to use and double click. You will know this has worked because the ‘No File Chosen’ text next to the choose file button will change to the filename of the logo. Once it is selected, click the ‘upload’ button to add this logo to your selection.


Managing Logos


From logo management you can change certain attributes of a logo, as well as generate a monochrome or monotone version. To access this, click ‘Manage Logos’ from General Settings


Initially you will be presented with a tiled view of all your currently uploaded logos. Select one to move into logo options

From within logo options, you can add tags and labels to your logos as well as mark them for deletion. To the right, you will see three radio buttons underneath three variants of your logo. This is the background removal tool. You can select to leave the bankground as-is, remove all background or remove background from the edges only. Which you use depends on your preference, although if your logo contains a significant amount of background colour, we recommend removing this to allow the logo to work better with formatting rather than pushing out text with a bunch of white space.


You will also notice an option towards the top of the screen called ‘Create Mono Version’. Clicking this produces a different window with a colour wheel and two variants of your logo. These two variants are ‘monochrome’ and ‘monotone’. The difference between these two options is explained in the screenshot below:


Use the colour wheel to change the colour the two variants are based off. Once you’ve made a change you’re happy with, click ‘save’ under the approved logo to add it to your list

(NOTE: This does NOT overwrite the original logo. It instead saves a separate copy)


Once you’re happy with the changes you’ve made you can simply click the red cross in the top-right of the screen to close the Logo Manager


Applying a Default Logo


You can Also use this screen to set which logo is generated by default in relevant areas of the site. To make a selection, click the ‘Select a Logo’ button from General Settings. This will bring up a smaller window with a grid of your logos. Simply click a logo here to mark it as the default.


Cleating Default Logo


Finally, you can use this screen to wipe the default logo, so that one isn’t generated automatically and has to be selected manually. To do this simply click the ‘Clear Logo’ button on General Settings. Note that this won’t clear out your uploads, just the default selection, so you won’t have to re-upload any desired logos following this action.