Managing Sizes and Colors in QOP

Unlike non transactional websites, quick order websites must have individual product codes set up for each size and color combination. These options can be presented on screen in several different ways.

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Order Individual Sizes

Each color/product is set up as a category or sub category with each size option set up as a unique product code. Create a grid against each color category with an 'add to basket' button for each product/size option


Quick Order Form

Create a quick order form for any combination of size & color of products with a single 'Add to Basket' option. This allows fast ordering of multiple options. Select product sequence to present on the product details screen within an i-frame or as a hyperlink


Ideal where only a single product is likely to be selected. Use the product classification fields to auto populate drop down menus to decide color and size requirement for a category. This can be used individually or together.


Size & Color Grid

Auto calculates at product detail level from Product Classification 2 & 3, to create a grid for the quick ordering of high volumes of different combinations of sizes & colors

Simple Color Size & Stock Display

For a really simple solution, use the stock list product view where size & color options can be displayed as above.

For non transaction or inquiry only sites,  use the product description field to display details of colors & sizes available in bulleted lists. This is not recommended for transactional sites