MetaPack Shipping Integration

PromoServe Product Setup

You must enter the product weight and box dimensions in order for MetaPack to correctly calculate shipping. The following fields are required to be entered. If your products are stored in PromoServe, enter the information directly to PromoServe and use DataXchange to upload to your ClickPromo website...

- Weight - this is the total weight of the box to shipped and NOT the singular weight of the product.

- Length/Width/Height - these are the dimensions of the box to tbe shipped and NOT the singular product dimensions. Dimensions can be entered in either millimetres (mm) or centimetres (cm)

- Pack Type - pack type e.g Carton or Box

- Pack Size - this is the number of items that go in to a box to be shipped

NOTE: You must also create products to match your MetaPack 'Service Groups' - A 'Service Group' is a group of carriers that are able to ship your desired shipping option e.g. If you wish to offer an International shipping option you must create a service group and select all possible carriers that can ship Internationally. See below...

Website Setup

1) Codes > Suppliers

You must enter a default supplier. Usually where the items are being despatched from. Add a new supplier and populate ALL address fields.

The 'Account Number' must be entered as DEFAULT

2) Site Admin > Ordering Setup

Set the following options...

- Shipping Data comes from - select 'MetaPack UK Senders Only' option

- Default Supplier - select the supplier you entered in step 1.

3) Integration > MetaPack Shipping

- Enter MetaPack account username and password details IMPORTANT: You will also need to enter your username and password in to PromoServe, see below...

- Setup according to preference however common options to select are...
  • Product dimensions are - Pack Dimensions
  • Shipping Weight Calculation - Any box is proportional weight (means that if you wish to split up a pack e.g. send a singular t-shirt the shipping cost will be divided)

MetaPack Account Setup

Create 'Service Groups' - login to your MetaPack Delivery Manager account and go to the 'Setup' option and click the 'Service Groups' button. Click 'Create Service Group'.

Code = This MUST match a product setup in PromoServe and must start with DEL e.g. if you are creating a service group to ship Internationally - DELINT

Name = Name of the Service Group (this can be anything)

From the list of 'Carrier Service Groups' select the carriers that you have agreed to deal with and move them in to your new service group - by clicking the arrows left or right.

PromoServe General Setup

1 ) - Create products for shipping as per steps above for MetaPack setup. Codes must match.

2) Main Menu > System Functions > System Control

- 2 System Controls are required. If not already in the list click + to add new...
  • System = SYSTEM
  • Control = CARRIER
  • Value = METAPACK,usename,password (replace username and password) with MetaPack account details


If you wish to create a MetaPack test account you can create one here:

Create an account (its free) and then once registered and logged in, select 'Test Centre Accounts' on the right hand side.

Register a new test account (details up to you) - typically platform Test 1 is used -

If setup correctly, once you get to the shopping basket on your website you will see a drop down for all available shipping options.

- Place an order online and download the order in to PromoServe

- Confirm Despatch the order in PromoServe. Once you click the 'Confirm Despatch' button within the Despatch window a popup window will appear with an option 'Submit to Carrier' - tick this option and continue to despatch.

If successful check your MetaPack Delivery Manager account and look under 'Consignments'.

ALSO if successful look in PromoServe within Sales Orders - click the 'View Despatches' button and check the 'Header/Additional Details' tab. You should look for a valid consignment number and total weight etc. If International delivery then an 'International Air Way Bill No.' should be present. Also check that the delivery line on your Sales Order/Invoice has a valid cost price.