Setting up PayPal Pro on your Channl site

The first step is to sign up to PayPal Pro. You can do this using the below links:

PayPal Pro UK PayPal Pro US Information


After this has been done please follow the below steps:

1. login to the manage area of your channl site. This can be done by adding /manage after your channl URL. Example:

2. Next click into the Ecommerce section.

3. Next click Ecommerce settings. Then you should see the below screen.

4. Next select Credit Card as your payment method. Then for your credit card provider select PayPal Pro.

5. Next if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will need to enter the following information. Select live as the PayPal mode. Then enter the Username, Password, Vendor and Partner (This information will be provided as part of the PayPal Pro setup process)

6. Once completed your information should look like this:

Once happy with your details click the save button on the top right of the page.

7. Now at checkout stage your customers will now be given the option to enter their Debit/Credit card information directly into the site without needing to go through to PayPal.