Step 1: Select Suppliers from the Product dropdown on the navigation tool bar at the top of the page.


Step 2: Select your Preferred Vendors from the list by highlighting the vendor and clicking the "Move selected here" button within the Preferred Supplier Column. Please note you have the option of selecting all or none by clicking on the blue link within the desired column.



Step 3: Your selected vendor will appear in the Preferred Supplier list.


Step 4: To prioritize or reorder your Preferred Supplier List, click on the "Reorder this list" link. This blue link is located at the bottom of the Preferred Supplier list.




Step 5: To change the order, click on the supplier name and drag up or down. Once you have made your changes, select Done.

 Step 6: Click Save Changes, located at the top right of the screen, to save changes made to the Preferred Supplier list.



Step 7: You have successfully prioritized your list of Preferred Suppliers on your website. Therefore, when customers search for product, the search results will show products from your preferred suppliers in the list order that you selected.