Product Icons / Stickers

Product Icons or Stickers, allows you to apply an image on to a product to allow your customers to identify that the product(s) is unique. For example you may wish to let your customers know that a products in 'On Sale' or is 'British Made' - icons/stickers lets you achieve this...


Step 1 - Upload your icon/sticker


  • Navigate to Codes > Product Icons
  • In the Add a new record section, browse for your image
  • Enter a 'Name' for the icons and then click the 'Add' button to save...


Step 2 - Attach the icon/sticker to the product


  • Navigate to the product that you wish to apply the icon/sticker to - Products > Products - edit a product
  • Scroll down until you see the 'Product Icons' section
  • Locate the name of your icon/sticker in the list and then click to hold and drag the icon in to the selected ORANGE area...


Step 3 - Activate Icons/Stickers to display

NOTE: In order to use Icons, you must be using a custom product detail view

  • Navigate to Site Content > Product Detail View and click to 'edit' your view
  • Locate the tick box 'Show Icons?' and tick to activate