QOP Product Variations



Product variations (eg. different size or color options for the same product) are stored just like normal products, but with a link to a 'main product'. For products with variations, you need to create a 'main product' which is used to store the visible details (eg. description and image) of the product, and each variation is linked to that product. The variations can then be seen in a table or drop-down list, which can be selected on the 'style' screen.

Software Setup

First set up a 'main product' for each product which has variations. This must be a 'price list product' and must be available, so you will need an in-house procedure to prevent sales staff from selling this product code directly, and make sure they pick one of the variations. Ensure the USP and other information on this product applies to all variations, and leave all the classification fields blank.

Each variation must have its own unique product code, and in the 'alternate part number' box in the product information, enter the product code of the main product.

The website will automatically check the 'not available' box on each main product, so it can't be added to the basket.
Finally, the IS Integration system must be told that you are using the 'alternate part number' for variations, and not for alternatives. At this time, IS support staff need to make this change on your system, so please call for assistance.

Manual Product Updates

If you are manually uploading products from a CSV file, you must choose 'Variant Of' in the drop-down list of website fields on the row for 'Alternate Part Number'. You may need to upload the CSV file twice if uploading new products, as the system needs to know the main products before it can add the variations.

You should also include a column in the CSV file for 'not available' - this is not the same as the PromoServe / Customer Focus not available box, it should be checked on all the main products which have one or more variants.

If you are editing a product on the website, you will see a 'Variant Of' option. If this is a main product, leave this set to "(none)", otherwise select the main product for this variation. Don't forget to check 'not available' on the main product.

Online Setup

In the 'style' screen on the 'site content' menu, you will see a 'Product Variant Display Style' field. Choose the way you want your variations to be shown on the product detail view.

Notes on Display Style

If you have chosen to display the list as a drop-down, the drop down options will only show the variations which have more than one option. For example, if you have two colors available, three sizes, and one style, the drop-down will only show color and size.

If you have chosen to display the list as a table, and one of the unused classifications has more than one option, it will display a drop-down list instead, because the table would not give the shopper access to all variations.

If the system is showing a table but there would only be one option going across the top, it will flip the table so the single option is on the left and the other options are across the top.