How to Set Up / Start Receiving Enquiries

Before you begin, ensure that you have the 'Inquiry DataMate Form' attached to your QOP... Log in to the Site Admin area of your QOP e.g. www.(YOURSITENAME) and navigate to Site Content > Forms - Ensure you have a form called 'Inquiry Form' listed here. If no form exicontact PromoServe Technical Support and request to be added. If a form exists, to start receiving enquiries through your QOP Enquiry site please follow the steps below...

1) Allow Enquiries

  • Go to Site Admin > Ordering Setup
  • Tick the box for 'Allow Enquiry?' - this will allow an enquiry to be submitted and enables an 'Add to Enquiry' button next to products.
  • Click the 'Save Changes' button


2) Create Enquiry Basket Pages

  • Go to Site Content > Pages
  • Create 2 pages with a 'Page filename' of 'enquiry-basket.html' AND 'enquiry-form.html'
  • Click 'add new' to create a new page...
  • Use the following settings for the page ensuring that you have...

- Set the page file name to 'enquiry-form.html' from the drop down - Entered a 'Title' - IMPORTANT: Attach the 'Enquiry Form' from the 'DataMate Form' drop down - NOTE: For the page named 'enquiry-basket.html' when creating this page Type inquiry-basket.html in the 'Other' box next to the drop down. Again attach the 'Inquiry Form' from the 'DataMate Form' drop down.



3) Inquiry Form Setup

  • Go to Site Content > Forms
  • Click 'edit' next to the 'Inquiry Form'
  • Enter an email address - which will be the email address that will receive notifications of new inquiries
  • Decide which Fields to Show on the form, i.e. what your customers have to fill out - check/uncheck the boxes in the list
  • Customize the Response page using the 'Body Text' editor i.e. what is displayed to the customer once an inquiry has been submitted.



4) Managing New Inquiries

For PromoServe users please click here to find out how to manage inquiries within PromoServe Image
  • When a customer submits an inquiry on your website, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address defined in step 3 of this guide.
  • A record of new inquiries are also logged within Quick Order Portal. Please go to: Site Content > Form Responses - a list of responses will be displayed
  • When an inquiry is received and dealt with, check them off and mark as done. Then click 'Save Changes'. This hides the inquiry, and only displays live ones.
  • Download the inquiry in to spreadsheet format by clicking 'Download Form' on the far right hand side if required...