Sales Order Print Formats

Below are the various Print Formats for Sales Orders:

Print Format A:

This format includes the following columns, from left to right: Product Code, Description (with no vertical break between). Quantity ordered, Unit Price, Total Price for quantity of item ordered.

Print Format B:

This format contains the product description, and the total price for the quantity ordered, but not the actual quantity and product code, etc.

Print Format C:

This format is the same as Format A, with the addition of pack quantities for the products on order (Description column).

Print Format D:

This format includes the same columns as Format C with the addition of List price, and any product discounts.

Print Format E:

This format includes pictures and descriptions of the products, as well as Product Code, Short Description, Quantity Ordered, Unit and Total Prices.

To view different formats, select the Print Format and click the preview button.

Print Format F