Search Setup

General Rules for finding search results on Quick Order Portal are as follows:

1) If a product has been added or uploaded to QOP, the product will take 24hrs to be recognized by the search facililty. Therefore, if you have added a new product and cannot search for it on the website, please wait until the following day.

2) Products must be marked 'visible' EG


3) Products must be in EITHER a visible category or a visible virtual category.
On a main site, a CATEGORY is visible if 'visible' is ticked and there is no 'unlock code'
For Example:


4) On a subsite, a CATEGORY is visible if it is ticked in the 'Subsite Categories' box, OR it is a subcategory that is ticked 'visible'


5) On a main site, a VIRTUAL CATEGORY is visible if it is ticked 'visible'

6) Finally, on a subsite, VIRTUAL CATEGORIES are not supported and therefore products will not be found within them, unless they are situated with a normal category that follows the rules above.