How to upload customers from spreadsheet

IMPORTANT: If you are using subsites, customers are ALWAYS uploaded through your main site and NOT to the subsite. Please ensure you are logged in to the main site.

NOTE: If you are planning on download orders in to PromoServe/Transaction Office AND are planning on downloading those orders against existing customer accounts, users that place orders must be linked to a customer. Customers can be exported from PromoServe/Transaction Office and then uploaded to your QOP website. Once customers have been uploaded you can then allocate them to users.

All data to be uploaded MUST be in CSV file format.

Please click here to download the QOP Customer Upload Example CSV file

1) Ensure your CSV is in the correct format as example above

2) Go to menu SIte Admin > Data Upload

3) Click the Browse buton to select the CSV file of your customers

4) From the drop down box select Customers and then click the Next button...


5) Use the drop-down boxes to match your CSV file columns to the website data fields. If you have not used a column in your CSV then select (not used) from the drop down.

IMPORTANT: The 'Account No' field must be matched...


6) You may be asked to do a further match on 'Order On Account?' and 'Site' - simply leave the further drop downs as they are and click the Next button to perform the upload...