Release Notes – Ultimate

Customer Focus Standard / Ultimate

The main introduction to Customer Focus Standard & Ultimate is a new module called the Production Planner. This was a piece originally designed to work for Embroidme Franchisees who decorate garments in-house however for this release it has been re-worked for everyone’s use.

The main purpose of the Production Planner is to allow a Distributor to manage the progress of an order that is either
a) In production internally – for example the decoration is being done inhouse
b) In production externally - for example the decoration is being done by an external party.
The following screenshots provide further details about how people use it within the system.

1) The Production Planner is located from the Projects Navigation Dropdown

2) On selection the following screen will appear

This screen shows a list on outstanding orders that are either pending production or moving through production. They are deliberately ordered by Due Date and can be filtered in different ways, such as internal or external, Due Date, Imprint Method or Sales Rep.

Each order can be branched in order to see its full break down and additional details