Unlock Codes

This feature is used to password protect a category and/or sub categories of products. This could be used if you want to offer a range of products, but only allow specific users or customers to browse to them.

Step 1

Create a category specifically for this purpose. Click Here to find out how to add a category

Step 2

Edit the category in Site Admin and locate the Unlock Code field. If you want to hide this category enter in one or more codes separated by commas or spaces in here. The codes must be letters and/or numbers and must be at least 4 characters long. e.g. if you type in the following: password123, pass456 This will mean that either of these two codes/passwords can be used to unlock this category. NOTE: You will need to add the same code to ALL sub categories if you want to hide those too.

Step 3

Create a page so that the user can enter their code/password(s)

  • Site Content > Pages - add new
  • From the 'page filename' drop down select: unlock-code.html
  • Save Changes

Step 4 (applies to subsites only)

If the category you are 'locking/hiding' is for use on a subsite, you must set the category to be visible on the subsite.

  • Login to Site Admin of the specific subsite.
  • Site Admin > General Setup
  • Locate Subsite Categories and drag the appropriate category in to the Orange box.
  • Click Save Change button to save.


You can now navigate to the page that you have just created e.g. www.yoursite.co.uk/unlock-code.html. There will now be a box to type in a password/code. Once entered, a link(s) to the category will appear. It will also appear in the normal category navigation list.