UPS Shipping Rates

Setup - Site Settings


  • in site admin, on the Integration menu choose UPS Shipping
  • enter your UPS Access License
  • enter your UPS User ID
  • enter your UPS Password
  • enter your UPS Account Number
  • for Pickup Type, choose Daily Pickup if UPS regularly come to pick up parcels from the supplier - you may choose a different option if you know differently, or 'not specified' to let UPS guess.
  • for UPS Packaging Type, these are the options they allow you to specify. Choose Unknown if you ship various types, or be more specific if most of your shipments are a specific type.
  • for UPS Shipping Product Code enter the product code you want to show on the order next to UPS shipping. It must exist in your Promoserve system.
  • for UPS Shipping Price Adjustment please read the description next to the field.
  • the 'Ship From' setting is important - set it appropriately for your business
  • set the other fields as appropriate, referring to the descriptions if you need help
  • go to the Ordering Setup screen and ensure the Default Supplier has been set and has a valid address
  • also on the Ordering Setup screen select 'UPS' or 'Automatic' on the 'Shipping Data Comes From' drop-down
  • ensure your Promoserve length and weight units are set correctly on the Integration / Promoserve screen
  • finally, upload your suppliers with their addresses via CSV using the 'Data Upload' screen, ensuring the country gets set properly on them all


Product Data

Shipping quotes cannot be requested unless every product has the following data:

  • Pack Type must be set in Promoserve using the format NN/XX where NN is the quantity per pack, and XX is the optional pack type (eg. Carton) - examples of valid Pack Type settings are: 24/Carton, 12, 15/box
  • Length, Width and Height must be set
  • Weight must be set to the weight of a full pack
  • Preferred Supplier should be set where possible




  • go to the 'Your Site' site -
  • log in as an admin user
  • add some items to your basket
  • go to your shopping basket
  • enter a shipping address at the bottom
  • you should now see UPS rates
  • go to the site admin area
  • go to the Intgration / UPS Shipping screen
  • try setting a percentage markup in the UPS Shipping Price Adjustment field, and check that the rates change (you will need to change something in your basket to re-request rates because it remembers them)
  • back in the admin area, go to Codes / Phrases and you will find the UPS service names under 'shipping_ups_' on the menu