Suppose you are promoting your business through a banner graphic on the local Small Business Networking website, or sending out an email marketing message with links to products on your website; how can you tell how effective these campaigns have been at driving traffic to your website?

Using UTM Tags, that's how! The function that UTM Tags perform is to allow tracking of click-throughs from any digital marketing medium - be that emails, QR codes on your printed material, banner graphics or social media. Here's how to create them.

Please note that you will need a Google Analytics account in order to utilize UTM Tags. If you don't already have a Google Analytics account, here's an easy guide to getting started.

Step 1: Identify the URL (website address) of the page you are going to link to from your marketing message

For example, I want to promote my Mini Felt Christmas Stocking, currently available at this URL:


Step 2: Create your UTM Tags


The easiest way to do this is to use a wizard, however you just need to be aware of a distinction in the behavior of product and category pages, such as the above example, and information pages. Information pages are pages which you create and customize, so typically your 'About Us' page, and pages you have set up to promote your services such as 'Our customers', 'Seasonal Specials' etc.

UTM Tags for Category and Product Pages

UTM Tags for Information Pages

To create UTM tags for category and product detail pages, use Google's UTM builder, which you can access here: To create UTM tags for information pages (including landing pages with product lists, About Us, Contact Us etc.), use the following UTM builder:

Note that only the Source, Medium and Name are mandatory fields. 

Click on Submit and you'll see something like this:


Step 3: Use this new link in your campaign

I.e. if you are sending out an email with a 'click here to view our merchandise' link, have it link to the new website address including the UTM tags.


Step 4: Google Analytics will automatically start tracking responses!

When you're logged into your Google Analytics account, you will see a section on the left called 'Acquisition'. Underneath this menu is an option called 'Campaigns'.

Click on Campaigns to see how many visits you have received as a result of your campaign.

For more help on Custom Campaigns using Google Analytics and UTM Tags please visit or contact Trade Only Technical Support.

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