Customer Focus Webstore

The current release includes further enhancements to our Easy Ecomm platform (Perfect Store) & overall behavior. The following 5 enhancements have been introduced.

ArtworkTool Patent added to the Preview Pop from the Designer.

As shown in the screenshot below – when a user previews their design from within the designer and the combination of Technologo and Artwork Tool is called upon – the Artwork Tool Patent as been deliberately added to appear underneath the visuals.

Easy Ecomm / Perfect Store - View Cart Edit and Preview Button

Here 2 enhancements have been made within the Cart area itself.

A user can now choose to return to editing their design from the cart to make any final amends & in addition actually preview their design one last time before they check out.

In the example below, a new Edit Link is now available, when selected, they previous Designer session is opened allowing for the user to make additional edits before saving and returning back to the cart

In order to preview the design from within the cart – the user simply needs to click on the Image Thumbnail. A new tab will then open allowing for them to review.

In addition, an end user who has placed an order can then access their Order summary – the same image enlarged preview is available when clicking on the thumbnail

View Cart -> Edit -> Finished Button.

Introducing the ability for a user to Edit their previous design from within the Cart itself also then required some minor changes to allow them to return directly back to the shopping cart. When a user clicks on Edit, a NEW Button appears top right of the screen labelled ‘Save Changes’. See example below

Add Preview Virtual Sample to Store Manager – View Orders

As the ability to Edit and Preview Designs were added with the Cart section for an End User on a website – the ability for the site owner to also Preview the design prior to exporting it from their management section has also been introduced when they view the order details itself.

Invalid TL Reference & Store Behavior – EOD Virtual Samples

This enhancement was made to allow the deliberate rollout of additional EOD Suppliers we currently have on the books at TechnoLogo with the product range images virtual sample enabled.
The change was made to allow a LIVE TL Vendors product dataset – whereby the Technologo Product Code – usually the Suppliers Product Code – can we set as the Technologo Reference field with PEP.

In the previous version, if an invalid Reference was entered against the product – the front end website image display work break. Now we have a fallback whereby the website recognizes the invalid reference and falls back to its normal behavior.

Therefore we have 2 advantages with the technique

1) Technologo Reference fields in PEP can be updated on mass for a valid EOD Supplier as opposed to manually, one at a time.
2) The end user on the front end website is unaffected with their experience id an invalid reference is in place.


Design Tool

Here an enhancement has been made to align the Designer with the same behavior as store when a customer decides they do NOT want to show any prices throughout their website.
This relates to Inquiry Websites ONLY
The setting within General Settings -> Products & Pricing Tab

Although when selected within General Settings - when the Designer launched at the top right of the screen – the prices associated with the product would show. The new version recognizes this behavior and as you can see from the below – they no longer show.

Finally, as these sites are Inquiry Stores only – the restriction also applies to Fotolia Images added to the Canvas – the normal Stock Image charge does not show.