Adding Diary Entries for Actions from the CRM/Job Management

The following explains how to add diary entries for actions in the job management. Adding a diary entry like this allows you to use the system to keep you up to date with all your customer interactions.

 Step 1

Under 'Jobs & Orders,' click on 'Job Management.'

Step 2

Select a job from the list and either double clikc on the job or highlight the job you wish to add a diary entry for by using the blue triangle (bottom right).

Step 3

Click on the 'Actions' tab

Step 4

Select the action you wish to set a diary entry for an either double click to open it or click the change triangle

Step 5

Click on the plus in the left hand corner to add a diary entry

Step 6

Fill in the information for the diary entry you want to add. You can also allocate this entry to another colleague at this point