• Support is available at: help.aimsmarter.co.uk, Live Support online chat, e-mail customerservices@aimsmarter.co.uk or via telephone: 0114 212 1718  for all software users.
  • If a consultant is available, support request valid, and issue can be resolved quickly, then we will always attempt to resolve the request when made. All support requests that cannot be resolved when made will be acknowledged within one hour and a unique reference number will be issued.
  • The support desk function is only able to resolve valid support requests. Valid requests are software configuration questions, technical problems and simple usage queries. Requests such as detailed user training, installation services or third party software support are not considered valid requests.
  • The maximum duration for a basic software configuration question or usage question is 15 minutes; if further assistance is required help sheets can then be issued.
  • When a support request is made the traffic light system will be used to assign a priority based on the impact and severity of the issue to the business:
Estimated Time
CRITICAL The problem prevents the user / company from performing a business critical function. < 2 Business Hours
URGENT The problem allows user / company to continue to perform their business critical functions in a restrictive manner but seriously reduces the efficiency of the user(s) within the business. < 15 Business Hours
STANDARD The user / company is able to perform its business critical functions, but a matter has been identified which reduces the efficiency of the user(s) within their business function. < 32 Business Hours


  • AIM Smarter reserve the right to withhold support if the support contract has not been paid up to date.
  • All software support will only be given to the nominated users in each organisation. Each support plan holder must nominate the names of people requiring software support, as we cannot provide support for untrained users.
  • The support desk cannot provide detailed installation support as this is usually purchased as a separate service. All install questions must be referred back to your original implementation consultant as the support desk are not usually aware of all the relevant facts.
  • Support can only be provided purchased from ourselves and not for your network, PCs or other third party software. Where possible we will always try and point you in the right direction in the event of your support issue being caused by other aspects of your IT systems.
  • Patches / Version Updates will be supplied free of charge to all support plan holders and will be available to download from our website. Your nominated representative will be informed by e-mail when new updates become available for download, and a full list of amended or enhanced functionality will be provided.
  • Telephone Support is available during office hours (8:30AM - 6:00PM UK Time, 5:00AM - 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time), Monday to Friday. Outside of these times support is available at help.aimsmarter.co.uk or can be logged via email.