Recorded Training


1.Creating Your New Store A step-by-step on how to create your Channl store Image
2.Logging Into the Management Section How to access the management side of your new Channl store so you can make changes and approve orders Image
3.Editing the About Us Page How to amend the company introduction on your Channl store Image
4.Editing Contact Details How to alter the contact details listed on your Channl store Image
5.Linking your PayPal Account How to link up your Channl store and PayPal account, so you can process payments at the point of sale! Image
6.Changing your Domain Name How to add a custom domain name to your Channl store Image
7.Approving Orders How to accept incoming orders on your Channl store Image
8.Creating Customer Views How to create Customer VIews on Channl, allowing you to create clone sites for your customers branding! Image

Product Research

Product Research Using Customer Focus to source promotional products Image
Sell Price Control Controlling your customer prices Image
The Decorator Marix How to setup your decorator prices Image
My Logos A guide to how My Logos works Image
The Logo Manager A guide to managing your logos Image

Website Management

Website Management Overview A recording of our most recent website management webinar, in case you missed it! Image
Creating a New Web Store A brief tutorial on how to create a new web store from within your Customer Focus platform Image
Adding a Page How to add a new page to your Customer Focus Web Store Image
Store Modules Overview A run-through of the modules available to you in Customer Focus Web Stores Image

Quote & Order Management

Overview A brief overview of the main functions of your Customer Focus business management system Image
Projects Explained How projects work in the Ultimate system Image
Design View Explained How to edit and send documents to your customers Image
Job Board Explained How to use the job board to manage your workflow Image
Fast Order Processing How to speed up the raising of quotes and orders Image
PO Address Changes How to change address details on Purchase Orders Image
Database Customization How to make your customer database work for you Image
Constant Contact How to integrate constant contact with you system Image

Company Stores / Corporate Scheme Sites

Part One How to create company stores / corporate scheme sites using Customer Focus Image
Part Two How to create company stores / corporate scheme sites using Customer Focus (continued) Image
Add a catalogue How to add a new catalogue to your STORE site Image

Order Processing - Dashboard

Dashboard Navigation A video that runs through how to Navigate the Dashboard. Image
Editing the Dashboard A video that runs through how to edit the Dashboard. Image
Dashboard Widgets A video that runs through the new dashboard widgets Image