How to Add Live Chat to your Website



In order to add a Live Chat module to your website, you must first sign up for a Live Chat service. We recommend, as it is a free service, and works excellently for us! However, you can use any live chat service that you like.



Next you need to obtain the embed code from your live chat service. The method to access this differs by provider. In the case of, you do this by logging in, then going to Sites & Pages > Manage Sites > Add Site. On the screen that appears, enter the URL and website name of the site you wish the live chat to appear on. Save this by clicking ‘Add’.

Once the site has been added, click the ‘Manage’ button under ‘widget’ for that site

This will generate a box containing the embed code for the chat module. You need to copy this text, as you’ll need it later. (Note: Copy ALL text that appears in the box)



Next, you need to head to the management area of your site. Once there, go to Appearance > Overall Layout



Once on Overall Layout, click the drop down menu in the top-left and click the ‘Text/HTML Block’ option. This will generate a text editor in the centre of the screen. Click on the ‘source’ button in the top left of this window to go to the source editor. THIS is where you copy the code we took from the Live Chat provider. Once you’ve done this, hit Save in the top-right.



This should return you to the Overall Layout page. Once there, click & drag the Text/HTML Block we created to either the header or footer portion of your site. Once done, click the ‘Publish’ button in the top-right.

Now test the chat box by visiting your site. You should now see your Live Chat module!