How to Add Products to your Customer Focus Web Store


Log into your Customer Focus web store

Select New Product from the Products drop-down, located on the navigation toolbar at the top of the screen

Update all (required) fields in the ‘Details’ tab


Select the category you want the product to fall under. Go to ‘Colours & Sizes’


Add the colours you wish to list, then move to Customisation


Select your Customisation Method and Position, then head to ‘Pricing’


Select your pricing options, add any necessary additional costs, and any size/price variations. Then head to Images


Select ‘choose file’ and find the product image on your machine. Click upload when you’re happy with your selection


Check the ‘Publish Product to Website’ checkbox  and click ‘Check/Save Product’


If you wish to view the product now, click the respective link below ‘This Product has been saved and is live’. Otherwise, the product addition process is now complete!