How to Create an Advanced Virtual Sample

Within the product search of the order processing system you can utilize this feature to create advanced Virtual Samples for your clients.

1. Navigate to the product you'd like to customize

You can do this in your website Site Manager, via Products > Find a Product, or through your order processing system, via the Search option on the left navigation.

2. Once you have found a product you can either hover over the product and click the Create Virtual Sample button. Alternatively, clicking on the item will take you to the full product detail where you can also click the virtual sample button.

Create advanced Virtual Samples

3. You can now remove an existing logo by clicking around it with your mouse

 Advanced Virtual Samples 2

4. Next you can add a Logo and/or Text to your image.You can either drag and drop an image in to the area shown below, or choose to browse from your computer.

Advanced Virtual Samples

4. You can now edit the logo to clear the white, change the color, skew, scale and curve.

You can also add text, choose a suitable font, and use the same editing tools to customize it further.

Advanced Virtual Samples

5. Now you can Send/Save the Virtual Sample or save to your own machine

Advanced Virtual Samples